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About The Ride Bike Shop
The Ride Mobile Bike Shop was founded in 2007. It was started for three main reasons, First one being to provide one on one customer service when it is convenient for the customer (something no other shop in the NOVA, DC area does) this is accomplished by going to the customer instead of the customer having to come to the shop. Secondly and probably the most important reason was after working in retail bike shops for 12+ years I had grown increasingly tired of watching shops charge customers for things they did NOT need fixed, or replaced. We only fix what is absolutely necessary to get you bike rolling again in a safe and efficient manner. WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOUR FOR THINGS YOU DO NOT NEED! The third reason I started the Mobile Bike Shop was I found it unfair for shops to be charging in excess of $80.00 for basic tune ups when the Mechanic repairing your bike is only getting paid on average in this area $10hr. The average tune up takes under an hour if the mechanic is efficient and thorough. To me this did not seem fair. 
Our philosophy at The Ride is that it doesnt matter if you ride a $9,000 Specialized S Works bike or a Huffy from Wal-Mart if you are out there riding that is all that matters. There are no attitudes here at The Ride Bike Shop. You will NOT be looked down upon or snubbed because you ride a $50 bike versus a $5000 bike. What makes a bike is the person pedaling it, and that is what we care about.

Here at The Ride we look at every customer as a potential friend and riding buddy. We strive to make sure that you are a lifelong customer! Most of our customers are referrals from others who have used our services.